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Spring Fashion Choices

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Spring Fashion Choices

With the seasons changing- it’s time to tuck away the heavy clothing and let go of winter for a while.

Shop like a fashionista

With the seasons changing- it’s time to tuck away the heavy clothing and let go of winter for a while.

  • Building your seasonal wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive. Choosing timeless pieces that you can carry over year to year, saves you time and money.

  • Taking pictures of your favorite basics with you when you head out to update your wardrobe for summer will help you to accessorize easier. Choosing the right pieces that will work with necklines, colors and styles are a breeze when you can refer back to pictures. 

  • Keeping your style simple and accessorizing with flair works great for summer. 

  • One Basic dress or skirt can be transformed in may ways for many occasions. If you accessorize right, you will be able to transform a basic piece into a totally new look, and no one will know that it’s the same dress or skirt.

Keep Reading Fashionista!!

I know, you loooovvvveee to shop!! But following these few steps can help you to shop smarter– which could save you money. With Spring in the air, the temptation to run to your nearest boutique and buy everything in the store can be over whelming.

So, before you Start The Car, you should keep reading!

Ok Girl, first thing you need to do is ask yourself, “Do I know what is in my spring wardrobe from last year?” If you answered NO, then ask… “How can I shop for spring when I have no idea what I have in my closet.” This is the perfect time to Take Inventory of your Wardrobe. So roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

If you didn’t wear it last year, you wont wear it this year. So toss it girl! Then drop it off to your favorite charity. Why are you holding on to those “Daisy Duke Shorts” anyway? Do you really think you will or should ever wear them again?

With less clutter in your closet you can easily see your favorite pieces and decide if they are still keepers for this season. Keep pieces that are both comfortable and figure flattering. Otherwise you won’t wear them.

Now, Let’s Get Snapping!

Taking pics of your favorite pieces will help you to remember color and style while cruising through boutiques for that perfect accessory.

Having a few great basics in your closet, then purchasing trendy pieces to update your look can save you loads of cash.

Not sure what are Key Summer basics? Watch for our next blog post to find out.

Now take your pictures and head out to your favorite Boutique, like Kreative Design (of course) and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  We know our inventory and we know how to construct a wardrobe for spring. We can help you to accessorize and update your current favorite pieces giving you a Hot New Trendy Look for Spring! How easy is that!

Phewww… All done!

Now that you have cleaned out the Daisy Dukes, Donated them to your favorite Charity, Shopped for a few Great new Trendy Dresses and tops, and saved money on building your Summer wardrobe, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Pour yourself your favorite glass of wine, and start searching for that unplanned Vaca that you can now afford to take!

You did a great job girl!

You know you’ve got this!



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